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Budgets: Ensuring Fiscal Responsibility

As a former auditor with the Government Accountability Office, I am committed to protect Arlington taxpayers by working to ensure value and high quality services for every dollar spent.

Public Safety: Keeping Our Community Safe

Arlington residents should feel safe in their homes, neighborhoods and in the broader community.

Education: Sustaining Excellence

Nothing is more important to the future of Arlington than the quality of our schools.  Today, the quality of the education provided by our schools is outstanding by any measure.  It is important that the County and Schools continue to collaborate to find opportunities for efficiencies and to ensure that school facilities are also available for broader community use.

Economy: Promoting Sound Growth

Arlington’s smart growth planning is the foundation of our economic sustainability. The successful integration of land use and transportation investment has led to the hugely successful creation of our two primary metro corridors – the Rosslyn-Ballston and Jefferson-Davis corridors. 

Quality of Life: Expanding Affordable Housing

As a former member of the Virginia Housing Development Authority, I know that Arlington does more than any jurisdiction in Virginia to assist low and moderate income residents to find a home and stay in Arlington.  We use many tools, including a revolving loan fund, housing grants, leveraging state and federal funding, and partnering with private non-profits. We need to reassess and expand our efforts as we work to ensure the income and ethnic diversity of our community.

Transportation: Expanding Options

Our transportation planning and staff are second to none.  By providing robust transportation options, we continue to reduce the mode share of single-occupant cars in the County. We must continue to ensure that any approved building density is contingent upon an appropriate level of transit and transportation capacity.  Metro, streetcar, bus, car share, bike share should all be part of our integrated transportation network that enhance accessibility for residents and workers.

Environment: Protecting our Health

We all have a responsibility to act as stewards of the planet that sustains us.  I have led efforts to develop a Community Energy Plan that provides an aggressive and achievable energy reduction strategy for our community that will advance our economic competitiveness, enhance energy security and protect our environment while saving residents and businesses money.

The Arlington Way: Engaging People Every Day

Participation, leadership and civic engagement (PLACE) are essential elements of Arlington’s success. To me, the “Arlington Way” means that each person has an opportunity to shape our public policies, that we work toward consensus, that good ideas can come from anyone and that the discussion is governed by a culture of civility and personal respect.

Workforce: Supporting Public Employees

As a former government employee and former director of a non-profit human service agency, I understand the importance of creating a healthy workplace.  Arlington continues to attract outstanding professionals and it is our job to ensure that they are respected, fairly compensated and held accountable for providing top quality services.

Human & Civil Rights: Respecting our Differences

As a gay man, I am committed to ensure that our government and community continue to respect the differences among us. Our diversity is a source of our strength.  I am a strong and consistent voice for civil and human rights in Arlington, the region and the Commonwealth.

Regionalism: Building Coalitions and Making Progress

I believe in regionalism, and that Arlington must retain a strong voice in regional bodies. The pursuit of regional partnerships and policies can have strong benefits to us and to others.

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